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The beginnings of the war

World war 2 began when Adolf Hitler first rose to power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 (For information on Hitler's life click here:___). He had 2 main objectives. 1 was to wipe out all the jews in Europe, and the other was known as "Lebensraum" (also known as more living space). This was known as the holocaust (For more information on the Holocaust click here:___). Before attacking Poland, he attempted to re-arm Germany. He made many workers manufacture weapons of war such as various guns and small, all-terrain tanks with 75mm barrels known as Panzers. This gave many people more jobs and brought Germany out of poverty. This went against the Treaty of Versailles that was signed after the end of WW1. Then in 1933, the German army marched into Rhineland, a military area that was de-militarised as part of the treaty and re-militarised it over the course of 3 years. This was once again, going against the treaty, but this time completely destroying it. After a short 2 years, in 1938, he had reached the next stage of his plan. The plan to invade Austria. Though, it didn't go as Hitler thought it would.


Operation Himmler

Operation Weserübung

Fall of France



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