Hi. You are probably new to this wiki. Please read these rules before doing anything:

1. No sexual references

2. No swearing, spamming, harassment or offending admins

3. Always ask for permission before uploading images or editing/creating pages. Any duplicate, unnecessary or low quality pictures and pages will be deleted and you will face punishment.

4. If you need help with anything, ask an admin

5. No comments including big blocks of text, spam or harassment are to be published. They will be deleted and you will face punishment

6. The ban system is as shown: (this may vary)

1st offence: warning

2nd offence: 1 day ban

3rd offence: 3 day ban

4th offence: 5 day ban

5th offence: 1 week ban

6th offence: 2 week ban

7th offence: permanent ban

7. If you want any authority on this wiki, you must first prove yourself to be responsible and capable.

8. Anyone who reveals the secret admin's username will be banned without warning. This rule applies for admins as well but obviously not the Founder.

9. Ignore rule 8.

10. Only make edits where necessary.


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